Thursday, May 21, 2009

In non zombie related news

I thought Terminator: Salvation fucking sweet. Doing a follow up to a classic such that is T2 isn't easy, and T3 proved that the formula that is the Terminator series can be turned into something your cat throws up ... and then eats. But Salvation put up a good fight.

And it had enough throw backs to the older movies to keep me nudging my friends every other minute saying shit like"That's the Guns n Roses song from the chase scene in part 2!!"

Sadly, Salvation has been getting a lot of crap online from critics... and I don't it deserves it. I think the movie accomplished exactly what it set out to do: and that's deliver more Terminator goodness for fans who want more Terminator while keeping things some what fresh.

Remember that even though the movie is set in the future, it ultimately serves as a prequel. Which means that the space that it has to play in is some what limited. This isn't Citizen Kane meets Blade Runner. It's an action movie with Sci-Fi elements. Sure it's not as mind blowingly genre bending as part 2. But few movies are these days.

If you love the old Terminator movies, and you watch em over and over and wish for more... this baby has the goods. I'm so gonna get the DVD, so I can give my Ultimate edition of part 2 a break :D

My buddy Albie and I had some time before the movie, so we decided to get productive in my studio.

Have a listen :D

T4 extract.mp3
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TF said...

I knew a Bale-Out parody was imminent.

I really want to see this film, but two main things are putting me off:

1. potential cgi overdose
2. Christian Bale's voice.

Seriously, since Batman begins, he seems to have started a sandpaper diet or something. Just the trailer had me laughing he sounded so bloody ridiculous.
It also won't help much that during the film I'll keep expecting him to burst into...

No! NO fuck no!
I was looking at the light
No! NO fuck NO!
It's fucking distracting...
ooooh gooooood
It's fucking distracting...
ooooh gooooood!

L.Cass said...

yeah... my GF was giggling in the beginning of the movie as soon as Bale let out his first line.

Then that Aussie guy showed up and she had eye candy to distract her.

CGI wise ... I thought the movie worked. But then again... I'm a biased fan :P

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