Monday, May 25, 2009

Deadpool Vs Zombies

I may not be a HUGE fan of Marvel... but even as a DC fan I know that Marvel has some cool characters. I love the Punisher, Daredevil... all the Spider Man villains (Except the Vulture ... I mean WTF?)

But one fella I really like from Marvel is Deadpool. He is so damn bad ass and hella funny. It's like forcing Spiderman and the Punisher to have hot web sex... and Deadpool would be their forbidden love fruit.

Yeah... I out did my self there.

So recently I got my self a couple of issues of Marvels latest Deadpool run. As I was reading through I was impressed with the crazy art and funny shizz here and there... but then I came across an issue that made me go "Well gosh darn it... these Marvel boys are alright"

Around issue 4 or 5, Deadpool is hired by this guy to track down and kill his wife... because she's become a zombie :D

What follows are some fun antics... mixed with blood, gore and big breasted zombie nurses.

Which makes for good reading.

I also need to get me self the latest chapter of Marvel Zombies, another title that I've very much enjoyed for obvious reasons. It seems in the latest tale of super heroes gone zombie... Deadpool's head has a lot to say.

Because... it's a zombie head.

A zombie head that has become so popular that it's even going to feature in the regular Deadpool monthly...

So we get to see Deadpool... teamed up with his zombie head.

Gosh darn Marvel... it's like you know me so well.

Also... when I Googled "Deadpool vs zombies" I got this.


Wilson said...

Giv ^_^ Total Deadpool fan here :)

TF said...

My eyes are melting from the awesome!!
I simply MUST get marvel zombies volume 3 as soon as it comes out!!!

thank you so much for informing me!!

L.Cass said...

it's up to Marvel Zombies 4 now :D

Not counting the cross-over with "Army of darkness"

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