Monday, May 11, 2009

I had an interesting day

So this morning I got to work pretty early... well 7:30 am which is pretty early to me.

Any way...

So I was at the office and I punched in and stuff... then I went to my studio. So I got to the hall way that leads to the studio, and all the lights where off. We leave all unnecessary lights off over night so we don't blow up the planet.

Now... the door to my studio has this little window on it, I'm not sure why, but it kind of lets us see what's going on in side. As I'm walking up to my studio door, I see some one inside the studio.

I immediately think to my self that it's probably this mate of mine who is the director for one of our radio stations. He has a spare key because sometimes he uses my studio to go over music and shizz.

But then I thought to my self that he wouldn't be in this early on a Monday morning, and that perhaps he'd left the door open while using it over the weekend, and now maybe the cleaner is in there.

... working in the dark?

My Studio PC

So when I got to the door, I gave it a shove... but only to find that it was locked. I then thought that it might be my mate and his probably watching a DVD or something in there. (Big speakers = sweet sound)

But when I unlock the door and go inside... there's no one there.


Oddly I gave this no further thought and went on to check my emails. Visited and pretty much had a normal Monday morning.

I then went out for a smoke and when I got back I met up with two of our on-air announcers, Allen and Liz and Liz looked pretty shock up. I asked Allen what was up with her and he said that she thinks she'd seen a ghost.


So she tells me that she was in the studio next to mine at around 4:30am... waiting for her show to start at 5am... when she dozed off.

She then woke up cause she could feel someone (or something) standing over her. She looked around but couldn't see anything... then she felt something grab her feet.

She freaked the fuck out and got out of there as fast as she could, and she swears that as she was leaving that she saw this guy out of the corner of her eye... and he was wearing a pair of blue over rolls.

Now this I found very interesting because a few years back... another mate of mine who was working late a few nights, said that he had also seen a guy hanging about in blue over rolls. This was late at night when no one else is around and everything is locked up.

I told Liz what had happened to me and I mentioned how my mate had seen that guy a few times too... and now we're both spooked.

Next up I mentioned this whole thing to my CEO, and him and I had a good laugh about it.

At about mid day we had a 'Team Leaders' meeting and we went around talking to all the fellas from the different departments about complaints about this and that. But then we came to a complaint from our Liberian who said that this morning in one of the ladies room, she found all this bows made out of toilet paper all over the floor. I'm not sure how many there were... but she said there were lots. Then our HR officer said she found a similar mess in another ladies toilet closer to my studio.


But then the news room guy mentions that they would like a new lock for the news room door. When asked why, he said because someone had come in over night and moved things around. His exact words were something like: 'Someone is hanging out in there and moving things'

Thing is... the number of people who are in the building over night a very limited, and most of them are pretty reliable and wouldn't make a mess in the news room or in the toilets.


If you add all this up... we had four weird events that would maybe not have gotten much attention if they had happened individually. But just the crazy coincidence that it all happened over the same night and early morning... tis a little freaky.

So I actually have my studio mics on and up high to see what they can catch tonight.



Wilson said...

Umm...remind me not to visit your office again >.>

sharky said...

lol...zackly what i thought too...spoooookieeeee.

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