Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dead Space 2: slight rant

I have Dead Space on my mind...

I know that Dead Space 2 is set to release next year, which is a long while away...

But lately I've been looking up a lot of things online about it, and I'm reminded about how excited I was when the first Dead Space came out.

From the first trailer I saw for the first game, I knew I had to play it... and I even went as far as getting my self a new Xbox 360.

My old one had fallen to the red ring of death!@#

Thing is though, I just really hope that Visceral game's doesn't muck Dead Space 2 up...

Issac Clarke in his new rig

Visceral seems to know what I want out of games. The direction they move towards creatively, result in concepts that capture my attention... and a while ago I would have said they were my favorite developers.

But their latest offering Dante's Inferno was a little disappointing.

Hopefully they can get back into the groove with the franchise that set them off in the first place. Already I'm a little skeptic, after reading on IGN how Visceral said that Dead Space 2 will have Modern Warfare like action.

Issac and his new friends

Granted Dead Space one did have some mad action... but I thought of it as more of a survival horror game first and an action game second. The pacing of the first game really did it for me... and the feeling of vulnerability made the game very tense. But if you're ripping through creepy baddies all 'trigger happy' like in Modern Warfare... will it still be survival horror?

What I am looking forward to is exploring more of the Dead Space world. To find out more about what happened to the people that were done in before my chracter got into the mix. Maybe learn more about the Necromorphs and what their all about.

Dead Space also pushed the game innovation envelope a bit too, with an interesting approach to it's HUD display and the whole strategic dismemberment game-play...

The team that worked on Dead Space were also a lot of fun to follow online. The developer diaries and such that they put out, really showed how the game was a massive labor of love for the crew.

Tracy Espeleta enjoying her work

One such developer blog entry can be read over at with a cool write up by Tracy Espeleta (producer) on skinning meat and studying gore.

Hopefully Visceral approaches Dead Space 2 with the same kind of freshness and enthusiasm from the first game... not just treat it as a bloody cash cow to milk again.

Cause I really want to play Dead Space 2... and I want to love it like I love the first one.

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