Monday, March 15, 2010

Prepairing for the storm

So we're preparing for what is said to be the biggest Cyclone that's ever hit Fiji.

Tropical Cyclone Tomas has been brewing since Friday, when the cyclone warning was first issued. Schools were closed early and people were told to go home. So my mates and I decided to go down to JJ's, a local bar to get a few drinks.

Nothing much happened that night, and things remained relatively calm all the way through Saturday too. We actually ended up having a movie night over at a friends place.

We were up till 4am watching Rec 1 and 2, Dawn of the dead and Monster Squad!

Yesterday (Sunday) when my girl friend and I got home, we had to put up with a water cut for a bit, but that was sorted this morning when we woke up.

But since midnight last night, there's been a curfew, so that means no work today except for essential services. So far here in the capital we've gotten heavy rain and some mad wind conditions, but some parts of Fiji have been evacuated.

The radio said that about 5000 people from the outer islands have been relocated to emergency centers that have been set up by the government. There's also news of further water cuts to come and maybe even power cuts.

At the moment though as long as I can watch my DVDs and surf the net... I think I'll be ok.

If we do get a power cut though... I've got a couple of sci-fi books I've been meaning to catch up on.

Plus there's a little extra quality time with the Mrs.

*Edit: We had to put up the shutters and take the TV satellite dish down, because of the mad winds out side. The rain has gone up a few notches, too cause it's actually pounding down on us now.

It's a scary trip watching shizz get tossed about outside. Living in Fiji, I've seen this kind of weather a few times... but I hope it doesn't escalate into the "biggest cyclone to hit Fiji" that the weather office is talking about.

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