Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fueling my Dead Space obssesion

So earlier tonight I was going through some back articles over at The Independent Gaming Source, when I came across an article with the picture below.

It was a collage of indie games ... and as I looked through the tiny little thumbnails, something familiar caught my eye. Then a part of my brain exploded and I immediately proceeded to freak the fack out:

Actual size of pic on that site

Because right there... I saw a tiny 'pixel art' pic of Issac Clarke, the hero of Dead Space!!

O I didn't just think that it looked like Issac from Dead Space... I knew it was him! And if there was an indie De-make of Dead Space, I was sure as hell going to play it.

I searched through the rest of the blog and found nothing about this game. It didn't even give me the games name. I followed the links and that didn't help me either. With out a name it was hopeless.

I tried Googleing for "Dead Space De-make" or "Indie Dead Space Game" and nothing came of it.

So I Googled "Indie game sites" and then went through each and every freaking page of the sites I'd found, looking for this game (that may not even exist)

But it was Issac Clarke from Dead Space... I was sure of it. I'd know him any where.

Then... after about 2 hours or so of flipping through 'older entries' on a shizz load of sites...

...there it was.

On the 12th page under the action section of a site called Free Games Archive... I found it.

It was called "Space Cry" ...and I have no idea how that name relates to Dead Space in any way. But it was in fact a side scrolling, 2d, De-made version of my beloved Dead Space.

Joy filled my tired heart as I downloaded the game and began to play it...

Only to find that it was shit.


Wilson said...

I the lol├ęd ><

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