Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visceral Ripping into new I.P

Today I came across an interesting little rumor that Visceral Games is planing on releasing a new game over the Xbox Live and Playstation network.

This time they've stepped out of middle age poetry and into 18th century serial killing.

In particular, you get to run around the streets of London as none other than Jack the Ripper him self.

But in Visceral's new I.P. aptly titled The Ripper, Jack doesn't rip into dirty little Victorian prostitutes. Instead he is prowling the night, hot on the heels of vampires, demons and other creepy things that go bump in the night.

Decked out in cool period weaponry as well as some things he put together him self, Jack kills shizz to keep London's streets safe.

Would it be morbid to say that I'm some what of a fan of Jack the Ripper?

It's not like I go around collecting clippings of serial killers and shizz. I just find this one guy kind of frightening and intriguing. Regardless of actual events, the myth of him with the top hat and black carriage... killing and disappearing into the night has long been the fascination of many story tellers. Though this is not the first time old Jack's been given the game make over, I like the angle that Visceral is going for here.

But as it is it's still just a rumor, but I am really looking forward to seeing what comes of it. I just love the shizz Visceral comes up with. This could be a little gem to "kill time" with until we get our hands on their up coming Dead Space 2.

There's a bit of news about the whole thing over at Destructoid that you can read here. As well as some more info from another post on here.


Scare Sarah said...

Some amazing art. So glad I found this blog!

Clarence Dass said...

Thank you very much... I'm glad you like it.

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