Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bollywood Horror

Growing up I was subjected to a lot of Hindi movies. I say 'subjected' because in away for me, even as a kid growing up... I found Hindi movies to be terrible.

I did how ever enjoy a number of Amitabh Bachchan movies… but lets not get into that.

I also have a memory of being really scared of some movie called Punari Mundir (Hindi Old Temple) which was about this crazy monster/ werewolf thing that lived under this temple that in my memory looks like an old crypt.

I was like 5 or 6 back then so… yeah.

But today I was talking to this guy at work and he was telling me that he read up on the Dead Snow post I did before this. He was telling me how he wished that India, or Bollywood, dished out more horror movies.

Or should I say… put out better horror movies. With so many great horror movies out of Spain and Norway out last year… and movies like Ringu becoming almost a pop culture phenomenon, it would be nice if India joined the fun.

After all they have such a diverse culture that they can pull from. I’m sure some where in all their historical texts we would find a shizz load of creepy stories to rip.

I even have one about a myth from Fiji. Ask me some time and I’ll tell you about the script I wrote :P

So as this guy and I talked some more… he remembered this one movie that he saw some time back that was kinda creepy. It was called Yavarum Nalam, which translates to “Everyone is fine”. This movie was later released as 13B.

I looked it up online and man it sounds pretty interesting.

It’s about this guy that buys a television set that seems to be broadcasting a mirror image of his and his family’s life. It’s all fun and games until people in the show…start dying.


I’m not gona say more about it, cept that Ima try and get my hands on it. I like the posters for the movie… looks kind of old school horror.


Diane said...

i can honestly say, i've never seen an Indian horror flick. or any movie made in India for that matter. i feel so.... deprived.

L.Cass said...

Well... It's an experience that's for sure. It's like every movie they make, has to make you laugh...cry and be thrilled.

And they squeeze song and dances into everything.

Plus they usually run for about 3 hours... so watching one has to be a firm decision

Wilson said...

I like that. Watching an indian movie is a firm decision ^_^

PS: word verification is: dednobi :P

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