Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still loving Dead Space

So I just finished all the 360 achievements for Dead Space.

I have had this game since like, three days after it came out, and I can never get enough of it. I can only hope the EA can provide us with a sequel that builds on what is already one of the coolest, most entertaining games I have ever played. Second would have to be Doom3.

Everything from the story, to the premise and especially the look of it... makes me want more Dead Space.

I need to get my self more games like this.

Sci- Fi/ Horror is a genre that I am starved for right now. It is certainly a genre we need to expand. There were a lot of mad movies back in the 60s and 70s that explored all kinds of extraterrestrial and technologically advanced horror elements. These days I think it's so scarce...

At least I haven't come across too many... need to get me some.

Here... read why Dead Space rocks.

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