Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Man I had a weird dream

Sometimes I do stuff so much that I start seeing things relating to it in my dreams. Like when I first got 'Silent Hill' one on my PS and played it so much that I started seeing creepy hospitals and dead nurses. Or when I was PVPing World of Warcraft so much that I started having WSG matches in my sleep, where I could see player names and shit.

Well I spent the last weekend watching a shit load of Alien movies... But surprisingly I had this weird , but very cool dream about 'Supernatural'.


I dreamt that I actually watched an entire episode of 'Supernatural in my sleep, and I actually woke remembering so much detail.

Which is weird cause my supernatural bing was a couple weeks back, when I watched like the whole of season 1 to the end of 3 in like two weeks. Now days I'm down to open episode per week.

But any how, I had this dream....and here it is:

I dreamnt that I was in this house, it was like a huge colonial time house. It looked like an old mansion, and it had all these paintings and war memorial stuff all over. But like, British war time things. I was standing in some sort of lobby and there seemed to be a party happening around me. But no one could see, and in my dream some how I came to the conclusion, that I was watching TV. Even though I was standing right there in the middle of it.

Then I saw these two girls wonder away from the crowd, they were walking up these stairs that had red carpeting all over em. These stairs led to a long hall way that had the red carpet running all the way along it till the other end. Along the sides the hall way had old paintings and more war time things like guns and old swords on the walls.

Soon the girls came to the end of the hallway to these huge French doors, and I could hear crying on the other side. I saw that the girls heard it too. So the decided to open the door.

When they opened the door I could see this white figure move to the right, out of view. One of the girls dropped something and ran away. But the other went inside to have a look. At first we saw nothing... for some reason I was kinda freaked and I wanted to leave. So I turned towards the door and ran right into this little boy.

I could see he was a little Hindustani kid, but he was covered in some kind of black oil that dripped off him in a weird way. His eyes white dead white and when he looked at me he screamed, and shit in the room started flying at me and the girl. By now she was screaming to.

Cut to supernatural title. Like fucken serious... my dream cut to a fucken title.

The next day Sam and Dean where in the house looking around. And I was standing around watching the whole thing.

They were talking to some blond lady who was holding the little girl who saw the boy. They were sitting on a couch and the girl was still shaken up. I heard the woman explain how the house use to belong to some British colonel who had like these Hindustani maids and butlers that lived with him. When the colonel died, because he had no kids or family, he left the place with the Hindustani family that served him, and they in turn lived there for a few generations.

Then Sam and Dean asked if there had been any deaths in the house or around it. The woman told him that a lot of people have died both in the house and around it. The blond woman and her family had recently bought the house from the previous family and decided to turn it into a war museum because of all the things in it.

'Where is the previous family now?' Sam asked...


Then I followed Sam and Dean to some house, they knocked on the door and this old Hindustani woman came out. Sam and Dean started asking her all kinds of questions about the house and finally they asked if any one had died in the house while they stayed there.

The woman looked a bit sad and finally told them that her little boy had gone missing there many years ago.

Back at the house the new owner and her daughter were still scared of shit, when we should up Sam and Dean asked if they could look around. Eventually after looking all over they decided to check out the basement. There they found all these drums.

They were huge drums of oil. Sam and Dean looked all over and then I kind of remembered that the kid was covered in oil. Just then Sam decided to look inside on of the barrels. And then another and another before finding one right towards the end of the basement. They pried it open and inside they found the little boy, deep in the oil.

So they got the boys old mother to come over and she met with the blond lady and she assured her that when the Hindustani lady and her family were here, there were no spooky happenings. That's when Sam suggested that maybe the little boy is just scared.

So they all went up to that same room at the end of the red hallway from the beginning to what now seemed like an attic. There the old Hindustani lady called for her little boy and sure enough he showed up. At first everyone was kind of tense. but then the little boy started crying.

"Mamu... why did you leave me Mamu?" he asked the old lady.

And she told him that she didn't 'leave' him but simply moved out not knowing that he was even there. Sam and Dean conclude that the ghost of the boy was always there and when the old lady and her family left, he got scared and started showing him self. Screaming and throwing things at the 'strangers' in his house.

At this point the old lady starts crying and so does the blond chick who bought the house. The little boy's mum asks if there is some way to clean the boy up and maybe send him off to where he should be.

Sam and Dean tell her its a long shot but there they have an idea that might work. Then I saw them salt and wash the little boys remains. Next thing we see is that the boy is nice and clean, no longer covered in the black oil. He is all smiley and shizz and his mother is happy. They walk off to the attic and let Sam and Dean burn the boys remains outside, Hindustani cremation style.

Then the boy smiles and says bye to his mum and disappears.

And that was when I woke up...

I know this might sound like bullshit... but I actually saw this whole fucken thing happen in my self. With all this detail. I even woke up and told my GF the whole story and she said that it sounded awesome.

I'm so gonna write this out as a proper story, but I thought I should write down what I saw in case I forgot it. And what better place to write it down than here on me blog. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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Wilson said...

very cool :D Though the ending does have some elements of The Ring, all in all a pretty impressive tv dream. I think you should call it that - a tv dream with like...titles and stuff :P

Also, I'll have whatever you're smoking ;)

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