Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just watched Dead Snow

And man it was awesome :D

When I first heard about the Norwegian zombie movie Dead Snow (Norwegian Død snø), I was a bit worried that all the hype and shizz about it was gonna make the movie fall short. Cause I kind of had developed some high expectations for it.

I keep telling my self I shouldn't have high expectations, but I'd be expecting too much of my self to change.

But this movie deserves all the hype it gets.

I must admit that it started off a bit 'iffy', but only because the beginning seemed a little too cheesy. But once the shizz hits the fan, it all comes together very nicely. Story wise Dead Snow is very simple. Some kids head up to the mountain for a little bit of skiing and a bit of the ol' sex and candy. But unwittingly run into a horde of flesh starved zombie Nazi's.

What follows is a few laughs... coupled with a little blood and gore.

Did I say little? Sorry... I meant lots of blood and gore. The best part of Dead Snow is the snow. Cause blood looks so good when it's smeared across white :D

And there is lots of blood... and guts. Things get chopped off and sown back on. I don't want to spoil anything for any one but it is my blog and I want to talk about some of my best bits.

The simplest one is this one bit where this guy is stitching is own neck after it gets chewed open. I watched that part with a bit of a chuckle and some 'O shit son!'

Then theres the bit where this chick is being eaten up by Zombie Nazi's and we get see some of it through her point of view.

Then there's the infected hand + chainsaw scene which was a little nod to another one of my favorite classics Evil Dead 2.

I think that's what I love about this movie. It just reminded me of so many of my favorite horror movies. The whole movie doesn't try to be anything more than it wants to be, and that's a mixture of all the gory bits the film makers stored away in their sick little heads after hours and hours of watching zombie/horror movies.

With a bit of chracter development thrown in for good measure.

The Zombies tore this guy a new everything.

This movie isn't going to be making me re-think my top 5s list when it comes to zombie movies. But it certainly will be a classic in it's own way. If you love Evil Dead 2 or Dog Soldiers and the like... then Dead Snow will make your night, and it's a no brainier for zombie fans... See what I did there :D

Watch it with a friend for the best results.

O and it is sub-titled, cause it is after all a Norwegian film. If you can't deal with that, then just wait awhile and I'm sure the good people in Hollywood will remake it.


Wilson said...

And when Hollywood does remake it, it'll be called...Blood in the Snow ><

PS: My word verification is: granted


TF said...

It's a conspiracy! Hollywood has infiltrated the blogosphere!!!


zombie nazis? chainsaws?
You had me a z.
I'm definitely gonna look out for this...

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