Saturday, April 11, 2009

There are no Zombies on Nukulau Island

My friends and I checked.

We are currently in the middle of a four day Easter Weekend, so to start of the festivities, my friends and I decided to take a boat trip to the Island of Nukulau. Here's a map.

It was good fun.

Roy (back turned), Me and Wilson with his daughter.

We swam all afternoon and then we went for a walk around the island. Sadly I had forgotten to take my baseball bat, but it was alright... we didn't run into any zombies.

After the walk we all sat down and had a nice dinner, before spending an hour or so trying to light a fire. Eventually we got it going. Then we sat around and shared a bit of Kava culture. Which involves sitting around a basin of mixed Kava, and talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company.

Our Hut... we found an old Bure and patched it :P

At around 11pm or so, the real fun started :D

Because that's about the time we started dishing out the ghost stories, while sitting by the beach near our little hut... with only the light from the fire and the full moon. Some how we had neglected to take candles or lanterns, and we only had one torch.

It was a lot fun, thankfully we had a full moon on the night.

A little after midnight we decided to go exploring.

It was actually pretty funny cause by now we were sort of drugged up on Kava and spooked from the ghost stories. My buddy Albie had fallen asleep and so had the girls, which meant my friends MJ, Wilson, Roy and I were the only ones going for the adventure. The funniest part was us walking through the jungle at midnight and me asking MJ:

"How come you're creeped out? I thought you said you didn't believe in ghosts..."

And MJ goes: "I said I didn't believe in them, that doesn't mean I'm not scared of them"

So we followed some spooky path through the jungle, stopping at creepy trees and shizz here and there, just to scare our selves even more. I had to keep telling everyone not to point at the trees or go under them, because there is a Fijian myth about how ghosts hang out in trees at night. Something about how because the trees are grounded, the spirits that don't want to leave, latch on to them so they can be grounded too. Yes, lots of creepy shizz like that.

We did all this without a torch because of MJ's infinite wisdom

MJ: "By now our eyes have adjusted to the dark, and besides we only have one torch, and that only makes a cone of light. And it's just one cone of light. If something runs by it and we're all like 'WTF was that' we'll panic cause our eyes will be trying to adjust between the cone and the darkness, and that'll make things even scarier"


So after making our way from one end of the island, through the jungle to the other in the dead of night with just the moon light, we had to walk all the way back again. There was suppose to be some old grave site on the island some where, but we never got around to looking for it.

View from the hut when tide came in

Sleeping on the ground was alright... though I think I could wait a long time before having to do it again. Plus taking a piss in the middle of the night was a little creepy.

But the Island it self was very nice... full of history, and it was just nice to get away with the fellas and me gurl.

Next weekend I'm trying to convince the guys to have Alien Marathon, cause that's when I pick up my Alien Quadrilogy Box set :D


Romeroson said...

a very nice report from a very nice trip. you guys seemed to have had a lot of fun. but watching so much horror movies seemes to make you week in a way. afraid in the dark??

L.Cass said...

less scared and more anxious lol

I think the horror movies have made my paranoia more creative.

I was kinda half hoping for nothing and half excited there might be... I'm a big kid sometimes :P

Romeroson said...

I know what you mean. That's exactly it. =(:-0)

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