Saturday, November 29, 2008

Better late...

Yesterday I placed an order for a copy of Dead Rising for my X360. Now I know this game came out like two years ago, I played it when it first came out. Thing is, my first X360 died a few months after I got it. Living in Fiji it was a pain to get it fixed or replaced. So I kinda just went with out it, until a few weeks back when I got a new one of a friends brother in law.

So I was going through some pics online when I came across Dead Rising, my girl friend then asked me "why don't you have this game?"

And I thought to my self "WTF...shes right, why don't I have this?"

So now I've placed my order and I should have my very own copy soon. Since this game came out a few years back, I'm not gonna saying anything about it. Except that it has a lot of zombies and it's the closest I'll get yet to a zombie apocalypse. I was happy to find that Dead Rising is now a X360 'Classic' which means I got to get it at a bargain price :D

Another thing I wanted to share with you today, was a little something about a movie called Quarantine. I was going through a few blogs and I noticed that this movie was mentioned every where.

Thing is... When I first saw the poster for Quarantine down at the local cinema, I told my friend Albie that "That looks like a zombie movie"

I went home to look it up and found that it was indeed a zombie movie and that it was a remake of a Spanish movie called REC. Since Quarantine was a few weeks away from releasing here, I decided to get my self the Spanish version... and boy was it awesome.

The moment after I saw it I had to re-write my mental list of my favorite zombie movies. REC was a gem... a sort of Blair witch meets 28Days later kindof movie that had me from the start. The movie is shot as a reality TV show, so having the Spanish actors added to the level of realism for me, since I didn't recognize any of them. The story was solid and well paced and the final scene just totally creeped me out.

I passed the movie on to my friends and they all loved it. When we found out that Quarantine was almost a shot by shot remake of the original, we decided to wait for the DVD. That's why I haven't seen it and that's why it's not here on my blog.

I'm sure it's an awesome movie, but I just can't wrap my head around the idea of remaking recent movies. I can see how the language might be a barrier for some films, but that can be easily over come with subtitles.

O well... on the other hand. I liked the Grudge, so maybe Quarantine on DVD will be an alright watch.


Romeroson said...

hey, do you know if there is any chance for me to play "Dead Rising" on my PC? As for Quarantine, I heard of that movie a week ago and watched the trailer on youtube. Awesome. Today I met two friends of mine who happened to tell me about a really awsome movie they've recently watched: REC!! See, you are not alone with your favorites. As for what you wrote about remakes: It seems a strange habit of American filmmakers to remake good films from good old Europe (e.g. Rec) or Asia (e.g. Ring, Grudge)... whereas I don't like the latter because they feature monsters I cannot fight with firearms.
Romeroson (from a shopping mall in Middle Europe)

L.Cass said...

Well, I did hear some news about a PC version of Dead Rising a few months back. There was even talks of having some brand new pc content, like venturing outside the mall. But I think this fell through cause I haven't seen anything on it recently. My friends and I are gearing up for "Left 4 Dead" though... that should fill any pc zombie gaps left by the lack of Dead Rising.

Romeroson said...

I am afraid I am not up to date. Wy do I not own this game?
The only thing I don't like so much is zombies running. I'm of the old fashioned kind. In my zombieverse, the undead do not run.

L.Cass said...

I like a little mix of both. The running one's are fun and scary, but the slow ones are creepy.

Dead Rising has a nice Romero style to it... Walking zombies in large numbers.

Romeroson said...

Good description of both. I can live with the "funny and scary" ones as well. But I especcially appreciate the Romero-like creepy ones because there is often more suspense instead of high speed horror. Maybe the speedy ones fit more into our days, where everything is faster, louder and harder than in earlier days - especially the music as well. And the popular music always reflects the common lifestyle at a time.

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