Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bloody good movie

This movie was a fun treat,with some mad ass gore. A lot of CGI stuff, but done really well in the context of the movie. It even has Vinnie Jones... o and an extremely brief scene with Ted Raimi.

My favorite scene is this one part where we get a POV shot of this mallet smashing into this lady's face. What follows is a very cool shot that I don't wanna spoil for anyone that might wanna watch the movie, but it's one of those moments that make you almost yell out"Holy Shit!" or "Damn Dawg!"

The movie has a bit of a crazy ending which I didn't care much for... but the train ride to the end is pretty awesome. It's a gem i wouldn't mind picking up for the personal collection.

If you're looking for a bloody good time, good tension and some fancy ass blood baths... get on the Midnight Meat Train, it's so much more than worth a watch. Plus I heard it's based on a short story by the man him self, Clive Barker... Need I say any more?

Incoming classic shot

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