Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I learnt a few things tonight.


I for one don't mind remakes of old movies, so long as it's done with a purpose. For example, I saw no reason to remake The Omen if it was going to be done almost frame by frame. On the other hand, I loved the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake... that was awesome.

Tonight my girl friend and I rented the re-make of The Hitcher. I didn't mind getting it cause I loved the first one from 1986, I was looking forward to seeing my GF's reactions to this new one.

The movie starts off alright, but then I noticed that it wasn't exactly the same story from the original. But thats cool though, cause I enjoyed Rob Zombie's Halloween. So I thought...this movie wasn't gonna be a remake, but more of a re-imagining, as they put it.

Well lets just say... some people have no fucking imagination.

This movie was so frustrating to watch. The Original Hitcher was such a bad ass movie, and though the baddie in this movie is by far the star, the 'lead actors' sucked so bad.

The chick in the movie is just so frustrating to watch... not so much for the acting, with the amount of B movies I watch, I can forgive bad acting. But her character is just someone you want to die.

At one point I just started swearing at her, calling her names and yelling out instructions. I even mentioned to my girl friend if this ever happens to us, I'm riding with the Hitcher.

Sean Bean stole the show. But it's hard to watch a move like this when you're rooting for the bad guy. For some reason the guy reminded me of the Punisher...


I guess the game of Re-makes is a 'hit and miss' kinda thing. It's so weird that the people who brought me a new age classic like the TCM remake, could ruin such a good movie.

If you wanna see a movie with some guy blowing shit up and killing people off camera, this movie is a good pass time. But if you want a genuine thriller that'll make your movie night rock..please try and get your hands on the original. This is by no means a review by the way... I'm just bitching about a movie I didn't like. You might like it...but please don't let this dumbed down movie take away from the greatness of the original.

On the plus side, it had Boromir being a bad ass.

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