Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not too good Valve

Today Kotaku had on its site the posters released by Valve software for their newest title Left 4 Dead. My buddy MJ linked me the article and I was super excited to see them...

Talk about disappointment.

Left 4 Dead...brand new zombie survival horror game... survive the zombies! Here buy these posters, that have no zombies on them what so ever.


It seems the scenarios you play through the game are set up like little mini-movies. so they start with these posters that depict the the action to come...the cool thing is if one of your members dies, the the 'movie' is dedicated to their memory.

These posters have been printed and you can have them up on your wall.. But... No zombies?!

Not one zombie in any of them...not even like a zombie hand reaching out. I mean, I don't care about these people. Who the hell are they? Sure I'm gonna play as one of them (the biker) but I don't want some random 3D guy up on my wall. It's not like it's Marcus Fenix or Gordon Freeman, these people are generic stereotypes of zombie apocalypse survivors.

I know Valves not forcing me to buy them if I don't want to, but their not really giving me a reason to buy them either.

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