Monday, November 24, 2008

Creature features

My Girl Friend loves horror movies, but she is more of a 'new age' horror fan. She hasn't seen psycho the original, I had to force her to watch Evil Dead 2, and she loves Saw.

But that's cool. She may not care much for where horror movies come from, but she loves where they're going. She absolutely loved Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning, and she can't wait to watch Saw5. I'm glad she draws the line at Hostel.

But tonight we were watching a little something called Primeval, and I loved it. It's a movie about a killer crocodile shredding people up in Africa, and though my Girl friend found it some what entertaining, she didn't find it scary in any way. The other night we watched Rogue, another killer croc movie, and same thing.

"It's just a crocodile" She said, and I said "But it's still scary right?"

Then I started thinking to my self... when was the last time any movie with a real life creature killing things scare me? The Croc movies kind of scared me and had me all tense and shit cause I have a slight fear of water. (Yes, Large bodies of natural water scares the shit out of me...)

But that can't be the only reason. Didn't Jaws scare like a whole generation of people and spoil summer for some time after it's release? Then I thought, maybe Jaws was a lot more frightening to people that went to the beach a lot. That kinda makes sense.

The thing is, at the end of the day... we are not gonna come across a killer croc any time soon. Or a giant anaconda, or man eating spiders.

It's weird how different things scare different people.

We need more monster movies. And I mean good, big budget monster movies. Cloverfield was awesome, but a few with things from a lot closer to home would be nice too. The Mist was very cool too, so was 8 legged freaks.

With the way the whole "buckets of gore" thing, that seems to be dominating a lot of the horror movies that are making it big now days, a movie with some cool monsters ripping stuff up might settle in nicely.

Maybe a remake of Critters or something.


Am i gonna regret saying that?

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