Monday, November 3, 2008

Dead Set rocks

Just finished watching the 5 part Zombie Mini Series Dead Set... And it was so damn sweet. Each episode was like getting a small but concentrated dose of 28Days Later meets Dawn of the Dead.

This is definitely one of the new bench marks for the Zombie genre in my books, just wish it didn't have to end.

It was gritty, full of had them zombies that chase you down and a cool ass morbid ending. Not to mention it had some alright looking British chicks.

Another cool thing about Dead Set is that it feels so real. The characters in it are normal people thrust into a mad situation... and each of them play to it with what ever their characters strength. Normally we are just thrown into these movies... with a slight build up that is followed by sweet zombie madness. Dead Set however takes it's time setting things up and putting them in order. Starting with every day people going about their 'normal' lives...before ending up in a mess that's beyond any reason.

Plus the Zombies get whacked so good in this thing.

I'm not doing a review... I love this thing.

Dead Set owns...

Check out the Horror Club Review here.


The M'hael said...

I just got done watching/posting my review of Dead Set and I had to give it an A+.

I want more than 5 parts!

L.Cass said...

Yeah man... Maybe we could have sequel. Other Survivors slugging it out. A sort of '28 weeks later' for TV.

Wilson said...

This show was definitely ass kickin ^_^ Never had so much fun watching a zombie movie such as this in awhile :D

Anonymous said...

Good recommend: you just caused the loss of my Sunday evening :D

Why is it that British zombie flicks are always miles better than the US ones?

Wilson said...

Good question Jachinis ^_^

L.Cass said...

I think the British have less people watching them and expecting them as trend setters, like the way we see the US to be. It's all Hollywood this and Grammy these...and next big thing that. While the British are sort of left to do their own thing at their own pace... And for most part of it, I think, for their own audience.

Plus the British sense of things is just way out there... their sense of humor, timing, story telling.

Danny Boyle, Guy Ritchie, Allen More, Warren Ellis, Oasis, Blur, Gorrilaz, Arctic Monkeys, Bush... All pure win.

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