Saturday, November 1, 2008

Upcoming treats

Gamespot recently did a hands on preview of the up coming zombie survival game Left for Dead. It's shaping up to be a killer monster. The game is set to be released on the 17th of November. You can read the preview here.

I believe that like most zombie movies, it's hard to find a zombie game you don't enjoy at some level of entertainment. But Left 4 Dead seems to be brewing a formula that might make it one of the coolest zombie games coming out. Titles like Resident Evil dominate the genre, and for good reason. But they don't offer one vital organ that Left 4 Dead does. Left 4 Dead lets you play it with three of your closest friends, after...there's no point surviving a zombie apocalypse if you got no one to share the good times with.

While mucking around on Gamespot... I came across some other interesting titles that might be worth looking out for.


Wilson said...

Fuck yeah. Left 4 Dead is so going to rawk ^_^

Basically for me = FPS + Co-op + Zombies = Pure Win :)

L.Cass said...

You Add good :D

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