Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saw some interesting movies

Last night I watched a little something called The Plague, staring TVs James Van Der Beek. This movie started off pretty good, with an interesting plot that could have taken it to some very cool places.

Suddenly all the worlds children go into a weird coma, resulting in the world falling into degradation. 80% of these kids are kept in special hospitals, constantly monitored. One night, 10 years later...they wake up. What follows is a movie that tries to be parts 28days later and other parts Children of the corn.

It started off very promising but then failed to deliver very badly. At the end I was sad for being so excited at the start of it.

Today however I watched a very entertaining film called Drive Thru, fun little Screamish slasher movie that didn't seem to take its self too seriously. It didn't have bucket loads of gore...but it had a funky looking baddie that was fun to watch. One of those movies where you don't mind cheering for the killer.

The movie's about a bunch of Hollywood rich kids being picked off one at a time by some guy in a clown out fit. He kinda looks like he could be a member of ICP.

A very cool movie that has decent acting, funny dialogs and a plot that you can drink beer with and chill to. the first bit of the movie is classic...with these wanna be gangsta kids "getting caped yo!"

O and it has that funny guy from According to Jim.

Larry Joe Campbell

We also watched Saw5 cause my girl friend really wanted to see it. Sadly I can't say much about it cause I fell asleep half way through. the beginning with the pendulum is pretty cool though.

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Albie said...

i totally predicted the future O_o


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