Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things that keep me up at night

So I woke up almost three hours ago at about 2am, and for some reason I couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t mind though, because I found that I was just in time to catch Rob zombie’s Halloween on TV. Funny coincidence was that I had watched Halloween 4 before I went to bed and I was actually thinking of getting the remake for the weekend. I loved that movie when I saw it in theaters…it’s such a modern classic. It totally grabs all the things that made the original a classic and builds on it to bring the horror that is Michael Myers to today’s audiences.

The crap thing is, after watching the movie I caught myself in a mental debate about who I think is cooler… Michael Myers or Leatherface. I am such a huge fan of the Texas chainsaw Massacre, crazy people wanting to eat you is always messed up.

But then I started thinking about Jason Vorhees because earlier in the night I was reading a Friday The 13th Comic called “How I spent my Summer Vacation.”

It was actually a very good book, especially compared to the horrible Jason Vs Leather Face I had read last week.

So now I’m lying in bed thinking which one of the these guys, Jason, Mike or Leatherface would be creepy to run into in real life. And which one is cooler.

Michael Myers is creepy because he is pure evil. I can see no clear motive as to why he does what he does aside from the fact that he is seriously messed up. Jason Voorhees is like this brute force, driven to have his revenge on all those that he sees as having robbed him of a normal life. Then there’s Leatherface who just wants to cut you up and literally eat you. I would argue that Leatherface’s intentions are also as evil as Myers… but I’m not all too sure if at a conscious level, he is aware that what he is doing is wrong.

What do you think? Which one of these bad boys is your favorite? Or which one wouldn’t you want to meet in real life.

Please leave a comment with who you like and why.

Interaction is fun!


Wilson said...

Michael Myers.

There's something quite discontenting about having some dude with a mask that betrays no emotion as well as the near zombie_like state in which he chases his victims down which scares the beejeesus out of me.

No growling chainsaw, no howling scream to warn you of impending doom, just a slice and thats it, you're dead.

Its the remorseless way at which myers dispatches his victims is what makes me not like him very much ><

Albie said...

I'd have to go with Jason. You can't stop him, you can't reason with him, and above all, you can't fucking kill the guy. I mean, how many Friday the Thirteenth movies have their been where he's come back from the dead. He is the ultimate harbinger of doom. Jason.

Romeroson said...

Mike Myers, pure evil out of no reason, creepy.
Jason Voorhees, well, the problem is, he always comes back from the dead. I don't like things I have not even the merest chance to stop somehow.
So these two I probably would be most afraid of.
I agree that Leatherface, I think his real name is Thomas, probably not really knows that what he does is evil. Jessica Biel cut off his right arm, that means you have a chance to stop him. Thus, in real life I would prefer to run into Thomas, if I were forced to make a choice.

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