Sunday, December 7, 2008

They get no slack

Remember how back in the day, whenever that might be, when Nazi's were the bad guys to everything? Superman fought them, even Captain America and India Jones.

Popular media tried to squeeze them into anything they could. There's even a very funny Daffy Duck cartoon where even he takes on Nazi's. Horror movies had such grim classics as Hitlers SS leading the way in bad taste cinema.

I haven't seen too many Nazi movies recently. You may have... I haven't. I guess people are tired of them or film makers are bored of em.

But wait!

Worst Case Scenario

The tired clique is not all but lost! Why settle for Nazis? When you can have Undead Nazis!!

These guys are creeping into everything from video games to movies. The recent installment of Call of duty has a "zombie mode" which is unlocked when you finish the campaign. Not forgetting the zombie skins in GTA4.

Outpost was the first movie I've seen recently that had Undead Nazis doing their thing. Set in an unknown part of eastern Europe, the movie is about some mercenaries being hounded by Dead Nazis brought back through some weird experiment. Not the most amazing of movies... but it has it's moments of creep outs.

There were also talks of a zombie movie about Dutch Zombies fighting Nazi zombies... called Worst Case Scenario. Currently this movie is in development hell, but keep those fingers crossed.

But I tell you what movie is coming out soon. It's a Norwegian Nazi zombie movie called Dead Snow or "Dod Sno" as the Norwegians call it.

Dead Snow

Set to be released at the Sundance Film Festival, the movie is about a couple kids that are having a holiday on some snow covered mountain when they unwittingly awaken a bunch of Undead Nazis. One thing leads to another and the result is a fight for survival against zombies in the snow.

Zombie snow angels!!

The Kids in the snow I don't care much for...but it is staple of the horror genre so I can't complain, but the Zombie Nazi's I am looking forward too :D

Maybe we could have a remake of Shock Waves.

Here are some Zombie Nazi movies you can check out to brush up on the genre.

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