Saturday, December 6, 2008

Simon Pegg Hates running Zombies

It's true.

The star of one of my favorite zombie flicks, Shaun of the Dead, hates the new trend of fast paced zombie action. So much so that he even wrote a very interesting article about it in The Guardian.
It seems he was inspired to bring up the matter after watching the latest British effort Dead Set, saying that he was very excited about watching it until he saw that the makers had forgone one 'Key Detail' as he puts it...and that is that Zombies don't run!

Aside from talking about running zombies, MR. Pegg goes on to give us a brief history of the zombie in movies, and also how making zombies faster and more threating takes away from their allure.

You can read it here.

I can see what his getting at, and what we loose when we turn zombies into a threat that is so apparent and immediate. But I take my zombies however I can get them. I like the running one's in small numbers and the faster ones in large groups.

If however someday we happen to face a zombie apocalypse, Id rather they be slow... just so its fun for everyone :D

In case you're reading this Mr. Pegg... Shaun of the Dead is one of my top 10 favorite zombie movies.


Romeroson said...

This guy not only is a great actor but he is bloody RIGHT as well ... see?!?!

Shaun of the Dead is great!

In case of the zombie apocalypse we will all be glad about slow zombies, althoug they are deadly enough when coming in large numbers.
But unlimited ammo and disciplined cautious behaviour as well as a bit of military and self defence training should do it. And don't forget the provisions!!!

Oh God I love this topic!!!

The M'hael said...

Simon is cool, and I mostly agree with him on the zombie thing...

I prefer Fulci or Romeor-ish zombies, but in some cases, I can dig the faster ones. As with anything, if it's done well, I'm on board.

Dead Set is a good example of that.

Anyways, I'm loving the Brits and their horror offerings more and more.

Romeroson said...

Hey M'hael, what are your favorite british horror movies?

Wilson said...

While I can certainly agree with both sides of the story, for me personally, fast zombies scare the shit outta me ><

For fairness sake (as well as reality's as well god-forbid) it's safe to say that, baring the fact that you have to die before you turn into a zombie, both slow and fast zombies can exist peacefully side by side.

Slow zombies because they came from the grave or have been dead for quite awhile, and rigor mortis has set in, hence the shuffling and stiffness.

Also, the fast zombies can be running around gleefully, since they've just been bitten and have turned, but are still fresh and spring.

Just my thoughts :D Not much of a horror fan, but I do enjoy a good horror/zombie movie now and then :)
Oh and if recommended by this blog hehe

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