Friday, December 5, 2008

I know what I'm doing this weekend

Well, my copy of Dead Rising came in early. I had rented this when it first came out and had enjoyed it very much. About time I got my own copy...

The funny thing is, on the cover of the game is this little disclaimer that reads:

This game was not developed, approved
or licensed by the owners or creators of
George A. Remero's Dawn of the Dead.

It seems some movie producer who owned the rights to Romero's Dawn of the Dead movie sued Capcom, the developers of Dead Rising, for riping off the whole Zombies in a mall thing. In fact, when I had first played it, one of the reasons I really loved the game was because it reminded me so much of Dawn of the Dead.

The Producer how ever lost the law suit, with the judge saying that just because the movie and game shared a common theme, didn't mean it was part of the same property.

Interesting... o well. I'm going to go back to playing, and then I'll watch Dawn of the Dead to see how I can improve my style :P

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