Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mother F***ing Zombies on a plane!

A long while back I had gotten my hands on a movie called Flight of the living Dead. Thing is, some how this baby had slipped my mind. It wasn't till tonight when a friend of mine asked me "hey you seen that mother f**king movie with them mother f**king zombies on a mother f**king plane?" when I remembered it...It gave me very found memories.

I remember getting this movie as a joke, thinking I was in for some cheap ass thrills and maybe some laughs. I watched this over at a friends place, and I must say, this movie is far from simple cheap thrills.

It has all the makings of a classic. Believable characters, cool looking zombies...and a plot idea that makes you say "I gotta see how they do this"

The story is about a zombie out break on a plane, caused by some scientists that smuggle on board a container...which contains some kind of virus. One thing leads to another and the container's contents are leaked...resulting in some of the planes crew and passengers becoming zombies.

The zombies in this movie are a real treat to watch... with crazy eyes and blood curdling screams, they start to eat up the non-infected people on board the plane. The make-up effects in this movie a very nice... while the blood and gore though not too crazy, are enough to do their part. A lot of the passengers become zombie meals in funny little ways.

The acting for most part of it is pretty decent, though the lines do get a bit campy now and then. But this can only be expected from a movie such as this. You can tell by watching, that though the movie may have a few short comings...it truly does believe in it self, and thus delivers a solid zombie tooting good time.

My favorite zombie in it is the one that Erick Avari turns into, at one point he looses his legs and it's both fun and creepy watching him 'walk' around on his hands.

As far as horror and zombie movies go...you could end up watching some really bad crap. Or you can give your self a treat with this movie.

Here's a web comic that has nothing to do with the film.


Romeroson said...

Thanks for the tip and the report. I like film-reports of people who know what they are talking about because they are not critics but lovers of the genre and just lovers of well made movies.

L.Cass said...

Yeah...I just wanted to share how much I loved the movie. Certainly more than worth a watch.

The M'hael said...

Now you've found one that slipped by me...I'm gonna have to get a hold of this one.

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