Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas draws near

The last couple of days have been very busy. Work has been flooded with all these Christmas commercials I gotta put together, and things at home are getting more family orientated. But I have been making time now and then to get my fix of that sweet horror movie goodness.

Last week I spent my nights watching a few interesting movies, but sadly nothing too exciting. I saw a number called The Cycle which was some what entertaining. But nothing to write home about...or to blog about for that matter. It did however have this one hot chick named Leah Gibson who I think should make it big same day. You know...because she's cute.

Tonight however I saw a movie called Dead End...and man was it a fun ride. It was about a family that's on its way to visit some relatives when the father decides to take a 'short cut'. Needless to say this short cut results in some really messed up shit which makes for good entertainment. They eventually run into this lady in white that seemed to be wondering in the woods. One thing leads to another, at one point the lady in white eats this kids face... go watch it for your self.

It has been a while since I had so much fun watching a horror movie. Dead End is one of those movies where you're not sure if you should be laughing at something that happened or if you should be terrified.

There were so many moments where I actually laughed out loud during this movie. My best part is when the mother does a drawing of the son... watch it and you will laugh too. The cool thing is...the humor works in such a way that it kind of distracts you from the scary bits in the movie, thus allowing them to surprise you even better.

As far as horror movies for the festive season got a winner with Dead End. The blood and gore in this is a bit on the weak side...but the story and the characters more than make up for it. The dysfunctional family in the middle of a creepy crisis is a lot of fun to watch. The way the people interact with one another and they way they react to the messed up stuff that happens is a treat to watch.

Happy Family

Don't get me wrong though.. aside from the laughs this movie is pretty damn creepy. It kept me jumping and guessing what's going t o happen next. Though I must say half way through most of you would have guessed the main plot of the still makes for a good ride. It kind of reminded me of The Cottage in the way that every one in the movie were caught in this surreal situation, but they reacted like they were in some totally unrelated genre of movie. Plus with the Christmas's perfect of the coming week.

Another movie I'm hoping to get soonish is a number called The Children. Just in time for Christmas, what better movie to watch than one about sweet little kids hacking their parents up during the festive season. Please buy the kids what they want.we've all seen Children of the Corn

On the zombie movie front things have been kind of slow. I did watch this one movie called Zombie Wars, but it was so bad that I can not be bothered to find a link for it.

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