Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Behold the Necronomicon!

I got my hands on my very own copy of the Necronomicon today, and man is it awesome!

With a whole lot of work in this week, I was barely able to read the first few stories, but just holding this beast in my hand and going through the pages and the art was enough to slice a grin ear to ear across my face.

The proper title of the book is NECRONOMICON: The Best Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft, and it is a collection of over 30 stories and poems by the master story teller himself. I've heard the book get some slack about how some of the lesser known Lovecraft work isn't in it, but it has all the ones I was looking for, along with the popular ones.

The art work scattered through out the book are wonderful to look at, and add a very cool feel to the book, though some of them are repeated here and there ><

Sadly I don't have a working camera right now so I can't post shots of me slicing my palms and giving blood sacrifices to the book, but I found some pics of it over here.

All in all this is an awesome addition to my ever growing old horror/ sci fi collection of books, with the other two recent additions being William Hope Hodgson's House on the Boarderland and The Boats of the Glen carrie.

Next week I'm expecting The Horror stories of Robert E. Howard and The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, so I'll be quite the slimy book worm for awhile. With work and all these books, how will I ever find the time to finish Ghostbusters: The Game?

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