Monday, May 24, 2010

Zombie Film project

So we have a film festival coming up, and ever since this festival has been running my friends and I have been wanting to enter.

But for various reasons we have done so.

Well this year my buddy Wilson has really been rally up the guys and pushed all the right buttons to set our film entry in motion. When he asked me what sort of movie I would like to do, my obvious answer was:

"Lets do a zombie movie bitch!"

... I didn't say bitch.

But we are doing a zombie movie! We call it Kania Na Yalo Bula which is Fijian for Eat the Living.

I'm not going to give away too much just yet, but we have done up the first draft of the script and scouted a few locations we want to use. There's this mad abandon millitary site that we want to use, and we're currently working on getting permission for that, but we have a back up plan in case that fails.

The basic premise is that a couple heads into the woods to meet up with some friends who are out on a camping trip. They discover that their friends have been messing with things they shouldn't have, and now they're on the tun from crazy flesh eating zombies.

The idea may not be the most original, but it will defiantly be a first for the Fiji Film festival, plus as an editor and camera guy, I'm looking to try out some interesting stuff with the shots.

Like I said I'll keep you guys posted on whatever's new... And I'll be looking to put the film up somewhere for you guys to see when it's done. My buddy Wilson has a write up about the project over at his site.

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