Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm Not Alone: Good till you get something better.

So the other day I came across an interesting game titled I'm Not Alone.I found out about the game via a link over at Bloody Disgusting while going through their games section, and by the looks of it I became very intrigued.

Not that looks are everything when it comes to video games, but you just looking at this pic below, how could I not want to play it.

They had me at "creepy zombies"

You play the part of an exorcist hired to rid a mansion of the nasties that haunt it, this puts you up against hordes of flesh hungry zombies, nasty poltergeists and creeps that look like they stepped out of the Grudge movies. Behind all this there's somewhat of an intriguing plot to be found, which involves bloody ritualistic kills which plagued with the evil that haunts it.

The game looks pretty good for what is essentially an indie title, but it has a few shortcomings which get in the way of what might have otherwise been a cool horror title.

Relax I'm an exorcist... who sounds like Antonio Banderas.

The controls feel a little clunky, with ridiculous things such as not being able to equip weapons while moving, and when you finally do get them out there a slight issue with hit detection, which means you standing there trying to hit things that are right in front of you, but sometimes your hit will find them, and other times that same hit will just slide right through them.

The game plays a little like the first Silent Hill game, where you walk around, collecting clues to things and solving puzzles. Things such as playing the piano that unlocks a sequence here or finishing a chess game that gives you an item. But a lot of this just feels really dated and progress sometimes becomes really slow as some of these puzzles can be very vague and even illogical at times.

The graphics are good, but not good enough to warrant the long load times that clutters the game. Having to escape the game to save your progress only makes this more tedious, as there are not quick saves or save points in-game.

What saves this game is despite all it's shortcomings, I'm Not Alone manages to establish a creepy atmosphere, and though some of the voice acting is horrible, it gives the game a sort of B-movie feel that serves well to some extent. The baddies you fight have interesting intro animations, as you watch zombies struggle to climb out of the floors to get you, and death animations where a bigger evil reaches out of the ground in the form of creep tentacles to claim the dead bodies. There's also this interesting feature where you are able to step into the unseen world of ghosts and demons to combat things you otherwise wont be able to see.

The somewhat large scale of the game world allows for decent exploration, which I enjoyed a lot, and solving puzzles relating to the murdered victims lead to some unsettling details.

As I had mentioned, being reminiscent of titles such as Silent Hill or even the ps1 Alone in the Dark, with very little to no innovation of game play over these past titles, I'm Not Alone provides decent entertainment.

You won't even be picking up the title if you had a big name horror game to play, so if your out for a quick fix of some horror action, this be the game for you.

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