Friday, May 7, 2010

Shellshock 2: Some B movie fun?

Shellshock 2 gets so much slack from so many game review sites. Some of these critics flat out tell you that this game is shit and that you should avoid it like the plague, maybe not in so many words though.

But when I watch all these videos of people bashing it, and saying it sucks, all I can see is the messy zombie kills and cheap thrill scares that make me think of it as some kind of B-grade horror movie, and some of those can be a lot of fun. I'm not arguing that this isn't a shit game mind you, I'm just saying that it's a shit game that I would like to play.

The story follows the games hero who is a solider in the Vietnam war, who ends up at a research site that's working with a new top secret bio-weapon. It seems somehow this weapon got out of hand and now there's a strange infection spreading across the area which is bringing the dead back to life. One of the first casualties of this infection is your very own brother....

Now you have to survive this whole mess... and find out the secret behind Project: White Knight.

Funny thing though is that even though the average rating site Metacritic has no site review higher than 55 with an average of 40, the user reviews for this game are mad though. So it seems some people enjoyed it, and enjoyed it enough to take the time to log into the inter-web and tell other people that they enjoyed it.

That says something right?

This scene looks pretty cool

Ah well, this thing is selling for like $8 at a place in town, so I'll pick it up and give it ago. If it sucks it just means I'm 8 bucks short for cigarettes.

Besides... I liked the first Shellshock game, though that was made by Guerilla games who went on to make the Killzone franchise for the PS3, while Shellshock 2 is made by Rebellion Development who specialise in epic fails like Alien Vs Predator 2010 and Rouge Warrior.

If anything maybe this game will be like a B grade horror movie, you know it's not going to be great, but it's spotting some ideas that you kinda like, and all you can hope for is a few cheap ass thrills.

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