Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dead Space 2 Website Launched

It seems that the new Dead Space 2 teaser wasn't the only thing Visceral Games was planing to put out on the 29th of April. Yesterday they launched the new website for their upcoming Dead Space 2.

You can grab your self some awesome wallpapers, as well as check out a few cool features such as a "Remember the Ishimura" memorial link to Facebook, which is accompanied by a nice little voice over about the "Event" and a very cool audio log of the salvage crew that picked up Issac after the events of the first Dead Space.

Visit the site here.

Speaking of Issac, check out this hilarious interview with him over at the First Person Observer, where Issac complains the impracticable design of his space rig.

"...building the heath meter on the back of my suit, where I can’t see it, while space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, isn’t exactly useful for me, the guy wearing the suit and wondering how close to death he is."

Don't worry bro... I got your back.

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