Thursday, April 29, 2010

I see Dead Space

Sometime this week Visceral games sent a few packages over to a couple of the game related websites around, and these packages were made up of a letter and an inkblot test pertaining to Dead Space 2.

The interesting thing was, when you turn the lights down, the freaky inks get freakier.

Click pic to enlarge

The guys over at messed around with it a bit and you can see what they did here.

After their pseudo CSI work, they found what appeared to be a coded message. Aside from a few fragmented sentences and set of numbers which differed for each gaming site, there was also a reference to tomorrow's date (29, April)

Well today a teaser trailer for Dead Space 2 was floating around the inter-web, but was suddenly pulled. Rumor has it that it was pulled because someone somewhere jumped the plasma cutter and leaked the trailer early.

It's still up at IGN though, because those guys are freaking hardcore, and that's exactly where I grabbed it from to show you. IGN also has a very extensive article on the artwork and letter that was sent to announce the trailer, going as far as to translate the alien text and everything.

All I can say is: I freaking love Dead Space and I can not wait for part 2.

The glimpses of the new Necromorphs are awesome and that line at the end: “Isaac… we’reall gonna burn for what we did to you.” What's happening there? The trailer just makes me want to rip my brain out and squeeze the juices out of it because the anticipation is killing me.

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