Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're own Zombie Movie

Be the star of you own little zombie movie.

That's what Zombie Movie, a little freeware game I picked up today, allows you to do. Instead the hordes of zombie games out there that give you nothing more than a kill thrill, or a few that spin the odds and let you be the zombie, Zombie Movie puts you at the mercy of a movie director.

At the start of the game the Director gives you a few pointers and directions, and then you're set loose on some zombie infested street. You goal is to get mad kills, survive the zombies and let the camera man in the chopper above get some mad shots on film.

In fact... if you venture too far from the chopper, you piss your director off.

... Don't piss off the director.


The screen shot of the game that I included does not do it justice at all. Yes the graphics are not its strongest point, but the game play is heaps of fun. You don't get too many weapons, but the ones you get are fun to use. And the explosions and such are awesome and at times very hilarious.

At the end you get scores for the number of zombies you killed, what guns you well as a film critics review of the action you provided.

It's crazy point and clicks with zombies... and the whole thing is a free 6mb download, so just do you self a favor and play it.

You can download the game HERE, or simply visit to find out more about it.

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