Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zombie Street Fighter Art

Yes... I was just as excited when writing that title, as you were when reading it.

While mucking around online this afternoon I came across the work of an artist with the tag name of Manuhell, whose awesome zombiefied Street Fighter art left me bloodied and breathless.

Ken... my fave fighter.

I love it when artists take worlds and collide them, and Street Fighting being my favorite fighting game EVER made this art even cooler.

It would be so awesome if Capcom got their hands on these drawings and decided to make new skins/ costumes for their fighters.

Cammy...even in death.

Check out the rest of the Zombie Street Fighter galley here, as well as more awesome art from Manuhell.


John Michaels said...


John Michaels said...
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Elwood Jones said...

wow that is so cool and I'm totally with the idea of adding zombie skins. Perhaps it will make losing frequently alittle more bareable.

Ohh I also sent in my arguement for The infected not being zombies, for our debate over at the horror bloggers alliance. I look forward to seeing your arguement for them.

L.Cass said...

Ah cool Can't wait to see read it,

Thanks for stopping by :D Yeah those SF zombies would make the game so much cooler.

And Jon: I saw the skins... you were right, some of em are really bad.

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