Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Superman Vs Zombies

Like zombie movies, there are a tone of zombie comics that are pumped out every month. And there comics range from the purely awesome to the not so awesome.

I say "not so awesome" because I actually read everyone of them that I can, and I kinda like em all. But the big cheese of all these zombie comics would have to be The Walking Dead.

Dished out monthly by Image Comics, The Walking Dead is is amazing in terms of art and story. Being more than just a horror comic, the walking dead is more a tale of human drama, set against a zombie apocalypse. We follow our lead characters as they strive to survive not only against the undead, but also against the ass holes of humanity who try to rape, murder and generally be a pain in the ass for our heroes every step of the way.

The series has come a long way, and I've read every issue since the first. I must admit that what made the comic even sweeter in the beginning was the awesome art by Tony Moore, whose style of black and white I've been mad about since his Fear Agent series. But he left few issues into Walking Dead and was replaced by Charlie Adlard, who has a grittier style that adds to the comic in it's own cool way.

With a great story made up of strong drama and mad zombie action... I was very excited when I heard that the series was coming to the small screen as a live action TV show.

Rick Grimes... my hero

Well today I heard that Brandon Routh, the man who sissied up Superman, is joining the cast of Walking Dead's TV show, but as yet there's no news as to who he will be playing.

I really can't see him as any of the characters from the comic. With the bullshit way casting and such has been going these days in movies, I'm just glad they didn't make him Rick Grimes, that role has been handed to British Actor Andrew Lincoln.

Well lets see how this unfolds, who knows... maybe Routh will have a funny cameo role where he gets eaten by zombie Superman fans.

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Jessica Penot said...

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