Thursday, April 22, 2010

Behold the Necronomicon!

So this weekend my friends are planing a mad trip to Nadi, which is a town on the western part of Fiji's main island. It's meant to be Fiji's major tourist town, with lavishing resorts and white sandy beaches.

Oddly though it has only one popular night spot which was about the size of my house the last time went. Not saying that it's big... but rather that its pretty small. But on any given night it's packed full of locals and tourists hitting tequila shots and sipping on Fiji Bitter. And is it weird that the smoking area out side is twice the size of the club?

Sadly though, being currently in between jobs, means that I'll have to miss out on the trip due to budget constraints.

But to make my self feel better... I spent a little something today and place my self an order for a copy of The Necronomicon!

I already have the Conan one.

Collecting more than 30 stories, poems and notes... including the complete run of Lovecrafts Cthulu mythos cycle, this book is a treasure trove of H.P. Lovecraft's work.

...and maybe I'll buy a little something for the GF too.

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