Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Night of the living word.

Over the Easter weekend the Mayfair Theater in Ottawa, which apparently is the oldest active movie theater running since 1932, had a screening of the ever beloved Night of the living dead.

While I would loved to be in attendance, having never seen the movie on the big screen... some people used the screening as an opportunity for a higher cause.

The Mayfair Theater

A protesting preacher used the movie goers time spent lined up, as a quick chance to deliver a little street sermon, during which he talked about dying... and about how his not dead... and about how he used to be a really rotten guy and deserves to be in hell.

The guy actually has a blog and he wrote up a little account of the night here, complete with a video of the whole event.

Let it be known that I'm not bashing the man's effort, as I believe every one is entitled to his or her opinion. But people also have the right to line up for a movie they want to watch on their own account, without someone telling them they're gonna go to hell for it.

"Murder, gore, bloodshed and cannibalism
only begins to describe t
he kind of
that was being offered"

- Protesting Preacher

On the other hand, I actually thought the whole thing made for an awesome viral marketing video. Showing that even after more than 40 years... Night of the living dead is still able able to provoke all kinds of shizz. The video that the preacher put up had a decent little intro with posters of the movie and signs reading "night of the loving dead Sold Out" and a cool title: Night of the living word.


Even the theater manager who had a few things to say in response to the preacher's post, later realized that any publicity is good publicity.

Here is the comment that I left on the post:

First off, great job with putting the video together... I particularly like the title.

But I think sir, if you were to actually watch the movie with an open mind, you might enjoy it.

'Night of the Living dead' was intended to be two thirds a horror movie and one third social satire, showing society eating its self up.

Though the horror and gore of "Night of the living dead" would be considered very mild by some of today's standards, I can see how it would be over the top for someone who may not be accustomed to it. But even the good book at time used extreme depictions of violence to enforce some of its messages.

It might do you good to have a look at the movie, if anything it might give you a better understanding in aid of your cause, or you might see that it's just a horror movie.

What ever you do stay clear of the 25th anniversary edition... it's a bad re-edit; adding junk that steals away from the original's greatness.

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