Monday, April 26, 2010

Coffee, smokes and the The Eldritch Influence

Today I spent a pleasant afternoon chatting with my buddy Albie over coffee and smokes. Before that he and I had a meeting with a friend of ours about an upcoming web-magazine that we're putting together.

After the meeting nether of us felt like walking anywhere, so we just sat there and waited for happy hour at the bar across the street.

Was good fun.

When I got home I watched a brief documentary on the life of H.P Lovecraft called The Eldritch Influence, which was pretty interesting. It was basically made of a couple of writers who were influenced in one way or another by Lovecraft's work. Writers like Neil Gaimen and Brian Lumley, and one that I found particularity interesting, Ramsey Campbell.

Aside from sharing these writer's thoughts and understanding of Lovecraft's writings and ideas, the film also had a little background on Lovecraft's life and his own influences. Talking about things that interested him as a child and later on as an adult, that reflected in his work.

The only thing I didn't care for was this one bits were some people were pretending to be in some kind of Cthulhu dooms day cult, the whole thing felt kind of silly and sort of spoiled the flow of the films narration for me. Thankfully it's towards the end, and though it seems to go on for a while, it's quickly over and the rest of the show's pretty solid.

There's a nice bit in the end where the different authors talk about their favorite Lovecraft stories, which I found useful in looking for which stories I should look out for.

The show is filled with various pictures of Lovecraft, as well as artwork that depicts or is inspired by his work. There are also personal entries that are narrated, and give interesting in-site into Lovecrafts chracter and thoughts.

For fans of H.P. Lovecraft, or anyone who's interested in his work, this would be a nice place to start sussing things out. The show gives you an idea of what his writing were all about, and gives some direction as to which stories to look out for.

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