Friday, April 2, 2010

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

I've always been a fan of Choose your own adventure games, and this morning I spent a good deal of time with a game called Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2.

It's a text based browser adventure game where you are given options as to what to do next.

Click for better look.

Reading the words "text based" might put you off...

But wait!@#

The text is narrated with a cool voice over that reads the whole thing out like an audio book, complete with pictures relating to the scene. At the end of each paragraph or so you get to make a decision that lets the game move forward.

In the game you play as a survivor who has to leave the safety of his fortified base, in order to get much needed medical supplies for his fellow survivors. As you set off on your 'adventure' you get to pick what threads you're going to wear, what weapon choices you make and even if you're walking or jacking a car. This is the second installment of the game and as far as I know, it's pretty much an improved version of part one.

Click for better look.

Being text based allows for all kinds of things to happen with out graphic restrictions, so the atmospher gets pretty tense. With the voice over, the fitting ambiance and music... it's good fun playing this thing at night.

The game is developed by the creative team that's responsible for the Dead Frontier MMO, which is a browser based, top down zombie action game.

In my first play through I managed to get back home with the medical supplies I had set out to get, but sadly I was considered a heartless bastard for doing very little to help anyone else :P

My results. click to view

Check out Dead Frontier: Out break 2 for ya self... it's a fun way to kill time. The game has a link to the MMO as well.


Jessica Penot said...

Sounds like a fun game.

L.Cass said...

O it definitely is...

The story narrative is very cool, which really pulls you into the game.

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