Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Film Project: On location

So some of my friends and I drove up to the location where we'll be shooting out upcoming Zombie movie for the local Fiji Kula Film festival.

The Fiji Museum who own the place told us today that it was ok to film their free of charge, in return we give them credit for helping us out.

The place in question is called Bilo Battery and it used to serve as an artillery base during the 2nd world war. The place has long since been abandoned and there wasn't even anyone up there except this one kid who watches the gates and his two friends.

The location is absolutely perfect, and felt as though it was made to be left in ruins only so we could one day shoot our movie there.

Looking at the place I have no idea why no one has ever bothered to film a horror movie there, it is just screaming to scare you.

I spent about 20mins or so just taking pictures and going over the script for the movie in my head with the scenery I had around me. Then I decided to grab my mate's mobile phone and put together a little mock shoot, just to get the feel of the place and try out some of the angles that were coming to mind.

I put the whole thing together by simply pausing the camera on the phone and then running around to reposition for the next shot, then I added some music with a software called Video Pad that I got online for free. For the real edit I'll be using Adobe Premier though.

Check out my buddy Wilson's blog for more info on the short film.

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