Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off Topic: Find the Duck

So I've recently started working for an Australian kids magazine.

Which is a pretty sweet deal cause I do all the drawings at home and then just email them over and then get paid on Friday. The down side is that there are a shizz load of drawings to do, which pretty much keeps me busy for most of the day, so it's kinda like a real job.

I've been doing a whole bunch of pages based on articles and stories that's provided to me, but today I had a fun page. I was told draw something and then hide a duck some where in it.

... yes. Hide a duck.

In fact the page is called Find the Duck!

So I did this page here and I was actually really happy with it, though I think I could have hidden the duck better.

Mind you it is for little kids... hopefully they'll be distracted by the nice colours and not see the duck right away.

1 comment:

Albie said...

Where is it!?

Where is the Duck?

I can't find it :(

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