Friday, January 16, 2009

Catch up

I know my posts are not as frequent as they used to be right now, that's because of a healthy mix of me being really busy and really lazy.

At the moment the country is recovering from a tropical depression that has left parts of it flooded. So the radio station I work for has been running charity drives and appeals to gather up cash and other goodies for the flood victims. That can get both very time consuming for a producer such as my well as very depressing.

I spent the busier part of the week making radio commercials encouraging people to donate this and spare us that. and I think it's really getting to me. You spend so much time working on something and surrounded by it... it starts to mess you up. The other day I had these two announcers in my studio recording an advert about a local mobile phone company that will donate part of its call charge towards the flood drive... and they were laughing and joking about. For some reason I was all like "Look...people are dead and so many others have no homes... could you not fuck about and read the script properly"


The beginning of the week saw me turn a year older.... and a year closer to joining the undead according to Cakey. It was marked by a nice dinner at my mate Wilson's home. I got a nice a cake, but i was told I'm to wait till this afternoon for my present. I wasn't told what it was... so lets see. Thank you John Michaels.

My GF got me a cute little ceramic puppy holding a pot plant. I think it's a dog pushing weed. i call him Peanut.

I haven't been drawing much or playing too many video games. I did watch Hot Fuzz again the other night. And a very interesting little animated number called Igor. It wasn't the most amazing animated feature I'd seen, that would be Transformers the animated movie...but it was pretty funny. The rabbit was my fave.

The other day while sitting at McDonald's I did do a quick sketch of Batman. But I was so damn tired that day that I just wanted to go home and pass out. My buddy Albie did a cool job of coloring it... his a comic artist you know. In fact he was suppose to head over to the UK this week to study art. But the air port was closed. I liked his colors on Robin.

And while brain storming a script for some retail store that wants to cash in on the misery of the flood... I drew this:

I'll admit that the zombies where an after thought.


The M'hael said...

First, happy B-day!

Second, I wish I had some $ to send you to help with your flood drive, but I'm a sorry broke ass at the moment.

L.Cass said...

Thank you for the belated birthday :D

And thanks for the flood drive thought. We got a good response as it is. Our office hall way is packed full of all kinds of stuff to give out. We begin the distribution of it tomorrow.

Now Ima go read you Unborn review :P

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