Saturday, January 17, 2009

Deliever us from crap o great Nazi Zombies!

Normally I get my fix of good zombie movies by chance. I'll go down to my local video store... or surf the net, and come across some movie that has zombies in it. I'll look it up, and it will have a few people who love it and people who tell you it's shit. I'll watch may suck...or it may be a new fav. That's how I found Dance of the Dead... that's how I got my hands on REC.

Rarely do you get major hype about an up coming zombie movie out side of zombie fan circles. The last time I remember that happening was the Dawn of the Dead Remake. It was all over the net... and our local theaters had the posters up...and suddenly every one I knew wanted to watch this up coming horror movie. But to me it was so much more than that. Zombie movies are an acquired taste to some extent. I got my friends to watch REC and Dance of the Dead... but I doubt they'd sit through Dellamorte Dellamore. The Dawn of the Dead remake... and even the 28 Days later film before... I think made zombies bankable again.

It let people know that zombies could still make for a very intense, fun and ultimately enjoyable horror movie experience for even the casual horror movie goer.

There are so many crap zombie movies out every year that the genre becomes almost a bit of a joke at times. So many times I've had my girl friend roll her eyes and say 'Gawd...not another zombie movie... the last one was so shit'

Well... looks like this year will bring us another winner to join the ranks of Dawn of the Dead and28 Days/ Weeks later. Not only can we look forward to REC. 2 which has got even my zombie hating girl friend buzzing, but closer than that will be the international release of Dead Snow.

The lucky fellas in Norway already have it, it is their movie.... and soon it will be out at the Sun Dance festival. The hype for this movie on the net might not be as extensive as the big movies we are used to... but it was enough for my friends, who aren't normally zombie crazy, to down load clips and art and even link me stuff on it. Usually I'm the one sending un-read links to all of them. I'm looking at you John Michaels.

Dead Snow is meant to be a throw back to such classics as Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive. It's meant to be a splatter-fest you can laugh at. It has the winning formula of sex starved kids... bucks of blood top off with a note that just have read: Just add zombies.

It is interesting to note that the movies it is homaging were them selves movies that came out low key but made cult status. So even though Dead Snow may pull a huge like to see how many people keeps as fans.

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