Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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After the somewhat underwhelming Batman RIP and Batman Last Rights by Grant MorrisonBatman Meets his end at the hands of Darkside in Finale Crisis #6, also by Grant Morrison.

Batman RIP was a bit of a chore to read… it stirred up all kinds of shit from Thomas Wayne not being dead…to Alfred being Bruce’s father.

And now after all that….

Batman is Dead

…For now.

So begins the commotion over who will become the new Batman.

To put it lightly… I am a somewhat Avid Batman fan.

I love batman… in my home videos for my 1st birthday my cake was a Batman Cake. Or a Bat-cake. He is hands down my favorite comic book character and favorite superhero. As far as I know I have every single one of his graphic novels… even the else world stuff and I have his comics up to date either in hard copy or CBR.

For Christmas I got a 10 inch Justice League unlimited Batman figure. I love him… I call him:


On that note I don’t see how they can replace Batman with someone else who is not Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is no just Batman’s alter ego. He IS The Batman. It is his own personal tragedy that created the Batman. Everything he put himself through to become the Batman is what makes the legend. It doesn’t matter if they get some other guy who has also lost someone to be the NEW Batman. It won’t be Batman.

Because Batman became so much more than just a cowl.

I’m pretty sure what might happen is that Batman will take a little break, wither it be his choice or not…

DC has ‘Killed’ other characters before. Even Superman was dead for a bit. And it was all over the news and papers. I remember it even reached our little island Fiji… about how the man of steel was no more.

Then they brought him back.

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) became Parallax and killed an entire city.

He came back.

What might happen is that there will be a bunch of guys running around making up for his absence. That’s what happened when Batman broke his back.

DC is always out to stir stuff that in turn makes for good reading. It has been a while since Batman got stirred. I doubt there’ll be much change to the formula… but it will be back a little sweeter I’m sure.

With the Detective Comics and Batman books going on hiatus… my monthly comic intake might get a bit lacking. But I’m sure DC will have some new fancy way of pulling me in.

I wonder who will be the filler while Batman is away. It would be cool to see Nightwing try his hand at being the Bat. But as past stories have shown…he is pretty adamant about being Nightwing. Batman's son Damian isn't ready for that kind of responsibility. The current Robin is a tad bit young…plus his got his own stuff going too. And Jason Todd is just crazy. I don’t know why they have Hush as a contender… and I also don’t know why there aren’t any signs of Jean Paul Valley. He did after all fill in for Batman while his back was out.

Nightwing behind the Cowl?

But then again…Valley went a little crazy too.

Stuff it.

Another thing I don’t really get is when exactly did Batman die?

For the past few months he has been fighting it out with the Black Glove in Batman RIP. At the end of which there was a massive explosion that didn’t see Batman come out alive.

But then during these same months Batman is off fighting it out in the Final Crisis story line…at the end of which he gets fried by Darksides Omega beams, but not before supposedly killing Darkside.

Well done Batman...get it?

I hope Neil Gaimen’s Whatever Happened to the caped crusader, which is due out next month, ties up some loose ends and maybe shines some light on what’s to come.

Aside from a ‘The End’ story for Batman, the book will also serve as a homage to Alan Moore’s ‘What ever happened to the man of tomorrow’, which marked the end of the Silver age Superman and ushered in the revamped version.

Batman deserves a break… he truly is one of the few people, be it fictional, that personifies the phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead’

Batman goes psycho in RIP

Whatever happens… it will be interesting till the good stuff begins. All this just means that I have an awesome ‘Return of the Batman’ comic to look forward to. Morrison himself had mentioned that when writing the books he had something:

"so much better than death. People have killed characters in the past but to me, that kind of ends the story! I like to keep the story twisting and turning. So what I am doing is a fate worse than death. Things that no one would expect to happen to these guys at all. This is the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman."

Interesting aye

I'm looking forward to seeing what the future brings for my favorite hero... and I'm also looking froward to all the stuff in between.

He WILL come back….and his gonna kick everyones ass….

Even yours.


TF said...

I've never read any batman comics but hvae always loved the character and even after all the Dark Knight hullabaloo, Tim Burton's Batman (Michael Keaton) is still my favourite batman.
You're right about the whole 'personal tragedy' thing and personally I can scarcely believe this death is going to last.
As you say, in comics they rarely do.
And he's BATMAN for funk's sakes.

Batman rules.

L.Cass said...

Tim Burton's Batman is my favorite too. It just feels more like the Comic book Batman. I like the realism that Nolan tries to portray in his recent movies... but if you make a comic book character too grounded, it takes away a certain quality.

You need to have a level of disbelief when it comes to superheros...they have to be larger than life.

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