Friday, January 2, 2009

Stupid dead kids

The idea of little dead kids walking around in the woods eating unsuspecting people seems pretty creepy to me. That's the basic idea behind a little number I just watched called "Wicked little things"

Sadly the idea didn't come to life too good for me in this movie.

Released as part of the 8 films to die for lot of movies, sadly from which I have yet to see something that is truly worth writing home about, Wicked little things is directed by J. S.Cardone. That's the guy that made our lives miserable with movies like The Forsaken and the redundant 8mm 2 .

He also wrote the script the for the Prom night remake, so we know he has a fine handle on taking good ideas and making them shit.

What would have been a great idea, Children of the corn with zombie kids, plays out to be a long....dull and very predictable movie. The story is pretty straight forward, with no plot twists or anything, and we see the 'zombie' children pretty early on so this removes any form of suspense/ tension that might have made the movie a little more interesting.

The make-up on the children is seriously lacking too, with the kids looking more like regular starving homeless kids than actual zombies.

Maybe that would have been a better idea. Starving cannibal homeless kids... I'd watch that.

1 comment:

The M'hael said...

That movie sucked, and after having such a cool poster too...

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