Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movies for my GF

One of the qualities that attracted me to my Girl Friend was her appreciation for Horror movies. Don't get me wrong... there are other things about her that I love too. But I remember the days she would come over for our first Movie nights, and we enjoyed such films as The Frightners, Plane Dead and some other's that I sadly I can not remember.

Later on I came to find her love for horror movies went beyond mine to a certain degree. I was into such classics as Evil Dead, The house by the cemetery and my zombie movies... where as she was into the neo-horror trend of movies such as Saw, Hostel and the Hills have Eyes remake, as well as stuff like Hide and seek and Gothika.

But it was in movies like The Grudge and The Cottage that we found some common ground. For some reason I only spent most of my time watching older horror was through her that I got into such things as Saw, plus she opened me up to remakes such as The Amityville Horror and 'Hills.'

Other wise, for some reason I hated remakes... except for Texas chainsaw.

So last night I was getting us some movies, and I wanted to get something for my GF that she would really love. The cover for The Haunting of Holly Hartley caught my eye... knowing that she loves movies like Emily Rose and such, I figured she'd like this one.

Man was I wrong...

This movie was so bad... and I don't think that any thing that happened in this movie constitutes are 'haunting'

By the end of it I didn't know what the point of the movie was... it went from an interesting a teen movie... to pure crap... to slight cases of religious propaganda.

Read the Horror Club review here.

Needless to say the movie was a disappointment... but on the other hand. There was another movie that I picked up for my self that turned out to be a winner. Back in high school I had seen this movie called May, but I've never come across it since. When going through some DVDs for sale at a local video store that was closing down... I found a $5 copy of Land of the Dead: unrated directors cut (:D)

...and May.

I was glad while watching girl friend ended up loving it.

It's a classic story of a shy girl that is looking for love in all the wrong places, until one day she finds a guy who seems perfect, only to end up trying too hard and scaring him off. From a female perspective, you may end up feeling sorry for her.

As a guy I was terrified of her.

Lets just say the main idea behind the movie is...she comes to realize that people are not a 100% perfect, just parts of them are.

Think of May as a modern day, miss guided Doctor Frankenstein looking for love.

Some 'chick flicks' are pretty sweet.


Maison De Sante said...

Ah, May, so lovely... so twisted...
I would date that girl.

Lucky McKee teamed up with Bettis again on Sick Girl (from the Masters of Horror series). Those two are a match made in the funhouse of horror.

Love your blog, by the way.

Johnny said...

May is awesome, the chick and the movie. My girlfriend loved it too

The M'hael said...

May is awesome, and it makes me sad that a movie like that doesn't get more notice that a crap-bomb like "Molly Hartley" does.

I watched a movie by Lucky Mckee last week called "Red." It was an awesome movie, not horror per se, but it definitely had some horror elements to it. Check it out if you get a chance.

Also, I need a gf like yours that loves horror... all the ladies I meet wont watch them!

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