Saturday, January 3, 2009

Zombie Cheese

For some reason, I really want to find a Billy Zane movie to love. He just seems like such a fun actor that should have made it huge some how,but something keeps robbing him of his stardom.

Go Billy!

Well the other day I was some what entertained by Mr. Zane in a little number called The Mad, a cheesy zomedy about a small town getting infected after eating bad beef. You really gotta watch what you eat these days.

The Madness!

It's made on a budget that seems a little better than some of the B-graders I've seen recently, and what it lacks in visually, it makes up for with the humor. Now mind you it's not like all laugh out loud... but it made my afternoon pass with a smile.

The gore in the movie is not as liberal as I've gotten used to from most zom-B-graders (Yes I'm making up words today) But it does it's part well.

Today I spent the end of my day watching this thing called Shadow Dead Riot. I'm actually about to go watch The Killing of John Lennon, so Ima make this one really quick.

Zombies loose in a womens correctional facility.

Dead Riot has the lamest plot ever, but it works well enough to fit in lots of tits and ass in the first half of the movie. It has the Candy Man in it... and the fighting is pretty good.

Yes... The fighting. Women beating each other up is plenty fun, and when the main girls takes to beating the zombies... even my girl friend enjoyed it.

If you have mates over, grabs a few beers... maybe some chips,then this movie will pass the time good, it's no Flight of the living Dead,but it's alright.

O and it has a Zombie baby! all the bits with it are bloody hilarious...

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