Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doom4 to have a real story...

That's what Id says.

But then...that's what they said about Doom3... And granted though we did have to wait like 10 minutes or so before we got a chance to shoot things in the face, the game didn't have a plot to write home about.

But I for one didn't mind. I don't see why people have to diss Doom3 for the lack of a story. I thought it had a great plot...because it had me really motivated to kill things. And that's what Doom is all about. Running up and down hallways shooting things. My characters motivation was to stay alive and get the fuck of that space station. As simple as the story may have was brilliantly executed through all the PDAs you pick up here and there...or emails you read.

My Doom3 screen shot :D

Doom3 wasn't Half Life 2. I just hate when people ask for too much and then bitch about it later. I bet you if ID made Doom4 more story based and less mindless action...then people will bitch about 'Where's the winning formula....where's this...where's that?'

I hope Doom4 builds on the atmosphere that Doom3 brought us... the sound and environments in that game where the shit... and the feeling of isolation and finally damnation as you entered into 'hell' were fucken sweet.

I guess when it comes down to depends on the individual: what kind of games they like... and how much they forget themselves and let them selves be sucked into the game world.

Just Last night I was playing Dead Space after watching Event Horizon. I had the the lights out...and yes...I talk to my self some times.

"What was that?"

"I don't know...Ima go check it out"

"Be careful dude..."

Award winning writer Graham Joyce is said to be behind the script for Doom4... All I hope is that his plot allows for a double barrel with a quick reload and a melee move with all the weapons.

Reloading without melee can be a bitch.

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